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Disease Management Programs

Through our disease management programs, our team of skilled nurses, therapists (PT, OT, Speech), home health aides, and medical social workers work collaboratively to provide comprehensive care and education of the disease process to the patient, family and caregivers with respect to the following diseases or conditions:

Includes education in patient self-management, blood glucose monitoring, diet, exercise, administration of insulin injections, wound evaluation, and medication education and reconciliation.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Includes education in patient self-management, energy conservation, medication education and reconciliation, infection control, and activity and exercise regimen.
Patient receives self-care workbook and educational tools.

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
Includes education in self-management, symptoms, daily weighing, recording and monitoring, activity and exercise regimen, dietary recommendations, and medication education and reconciliation.

Light Step
Increases circulation and decreases pain due to diabetic neuropathy.

Alzheimer’s Disease
Includes therapy to improve gait, balance, and fine motor skills. Caregivers are provided an education on the disease process, and disease-specific caregiving strategies.

Falls Prevention
Decreases incidence of falls and resulting hospitalizations using physical therapy and Anodyne ® Therapy (non-invasive light therapy to decrease pain and increase circulation).

Provides patient and caregiver education and strategies to help patient rehabilitate at home.

Skilled nursing focuses on patient self-management through blood pressure monitoring, medication education and reconciliation, diet, symptom tracking, and prevention strategies.

Parkinson’s Disease
Skilled nursing focuses on both patient and family in the teaching of disease progression, coping strategies, self-management, symptom management, and medication education and reconciliation.

Specialty Programs

Hospital Transitional Care Program
Reduces readmissions and emergent care visits through in-home patient monitoring and disease education after discharge, positively affecting HCAHPS results in the value-based purchasing program. We have developed a proactive adjunct care plan specific for Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), Heart Attack and Pneumonia.

Behavioral Care at Home Program
Offers comprehensive psychiatric nursing services to patients with mental health disorders, which improve patient management and satisfaction, while reducing the need for urgent and emergent inpatient psychiatric care.

Bilingual Program
Addresses the challenges of language barriers in the health care setting, ensuring less confusion and better quality of care for patients.

Residential Falls Prevention Program
Our geriatric-specific fall prevention services help to reduce the risks associated with falls, increase the safety of residents, and improve a facility’s measurable outcomes.

Medication Reconciliation
Our medication management services and education help to keep patients safe and healthy at home, including those that suffer from multiple chronic conditions that may impair their ability to adhere to a medication regimen.


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